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Becel May 31, 2006

Posted by Jason Theodor (jted) in Advertising, Awards, Becel, TV, Viral.
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Broken Escalator (tv)

Becel - Escalator Player

Written and directed by the art director. Debuted on Ad Critic’s homepage, hung around in the top 20 for awhile. The critics have been kind. Juries like it, too. The Globe and Mail named it the third most popular ad in Canada for 2006 (Evolution was #1).
No time, no money, no research. The magic formula.

Broken Escalator (viral)

Becel - Escalator Viral Player

Loooonger than the tv. Is that better? Is that boring? Critics are split on that one. We know for sure it worked; the contest was a huge success with close to 350,000 hits to the site. Many ad blogs have named it one of the best virals of the year.

Becel has been one of the most successful brands in Canada and we’re proud we’ve been a part of that. Unilever has recently decided to align the brand globally with BBH. That Ride for Heart billboard with the heart in the classified ad was done by BBH, in their debut effort.

Clio Awards
Advertising and Design Club of Canada
Shark Awards (Ireland) Global Silver
Globe & Mail 2006 3rd Best Ad of the Year


Dove – International Women’s Day Newspaper Insert May 23, 2006

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Instead of doing ads to celebrate International Women’s Day we invited students from the Calgary Girls’ School to write open letters to magazine editors, fashion models, cosmetic surgeons and Hollywood producers expressing their feelings about how women are portrayed in the media. They are not amused.




Extra Awards

Dove – Cool Moisture Art Gallery May 23, 2006

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No time. No money. No research. The magic formula again. Make grungy icky places like subways an oasis of peace, calm and culture with an art gallery exhibit, complete with fancy benches and marble (ok, fake marble) pillars and floors. We just got word this idea will be used globally.

Cucumber Ice

Dove Display 1

Dove Display 2

Dove Display 3


Dove – “Little Girls” May 16, 2006

Posted by Jason Theodor (jted) in Advertising, Awards, Dove, Marketing, TV, Viral.

Little Girls

Dove - Little Girls Player

Are we Canadian, or what? Once the U.S. ran it on the Superbowl, we knew it was good. One of the most memorable of all the memorable Dove ads we’ve done. Picked up around the globe, with oceans of ink to go with it. The biggest surprise of all: cynical awards juries are moved to give a sweet and sensitive spot some credit.

Ogilvy Toronto is one of 5 Ogilvy offices that work on the Dove campaignforrealbeauty. That translates to a lot of frequent flier points, and a nice warm feeling we’re changing the world one little girl at a time. The global campaign won the Grand Effie last week.

Named one of Adweek’s top ads of 2006
Marketing Awards
Ad Age Superbowl ads top 10 list 2006


One Show May 16, 2006

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The One Show calls. They need a poster for the One Show Canadian Exhibit. You're too busy. You do it.

One Show Canadian Flag

RED SQUARE: People going for inspiration

WHITE SQUARE: People going to rip off ideas

(Note: This idea is a rip off of one of the year's most awarded campaigns)


Pick Me May 16, 2006

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Nothing is harder than doing an ad for your own book. So we didn't. Thanks, Tim.

Pick Me was published by Adweek Books last September. It's designed to help young, clueless creatives navigate the treacherous waters of advertising. Luke Sullivan himself says "five stars" on Amazon.com. Thanks, Luke.

Crack Heaven




Castrol May 16, 2006

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Syntec is a product that delivers more horsepower. Hey, tuners and racers want more horsepower. Perfect fit. But how do you reach an audience like that? You cover racetracks with posters that use in-your-face language born from the pits, racecar tracks and garages. Thankfully, Ogilvy keeps a racecar driver/writer on staff for just such emergencies.

castrol 1

castrol 2

London International Awards


World of Comedy May 16, 2006

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If you can’t do funny for the World of Comedy Film Festival, you should find another job.

WOC - Jumper

WOC - Electric Chair

WOC - Pies

Volunteers ran all over Toronto to put these decals on revolving doors. That’s our CEO behind the pie. If there was audio you’d hear security yelling at us to get the hell out of the building.

Advertising and Design Club of Canada
London International Awards


Hot Wheels May 16, 2006

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When you have Hot Wheels, the world is your racetrack. (And careful, they’re faster than ever…)

Hot Wheels - Belt

Hot Wheels - Dog

Door Stop

Hot Wheels - Fishbowl

Hot Wheels - Shoes

Hot Wheels - Belt long

Hot Wheels - Fishbowl long

Hot Wheels - Truck

Marketing Awards 2007 Silver
Applied Arts
Advertising and Design Club of Canada
London International Awards


Imperial Margarine – Pigeon May 2, 2006

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Imperial - Pigeon Radio Player

A new multimedia campaign tells consumers Imperial is now non-hydrogenated. With style. This radio spot was a finalist last month at the Clio’s.