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Becel May 31, 2006

Posted by Jason Theodor (jted) in Advertising, Awards, Becel, TV, Viral.

Broken Escalator (tv)

Becel - Escalator Player

Written and directed by the art director. Debuted on Ad Critic’s homepage, hung around in the top 20 for awhile. The critics have been kind. Juries like it, too. The Globe and Mail named it the third most popular ad in Canada for 2006 (Evolution was #1).
No time, no money, no research. The magic formula.

Broken Escalator (viral)

Becel - Escalator Viral Player

Loooonger than the tv. Is that better? Is that boring? Critics are split on that one. We know for sure it worked; the contest was a huge success with close to 350,000 hits to the site. Many ad blogs have named it one of the best virals of the year.

Becel has been one of the most successful brands in Canada and we’re proud we’ve been a part of that. Unilever has recently decided to align the brand globally with BBH. That Ride for Heart billboard with the heart in the classified ad was done by BBH, in their debut effort.

Clio Awards
Advertising and Design Club of Canada
Shark Awards (Ireland) Global Silver
Globe & Mail 2006 3rd Best Ad of the Year


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