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Bicks TV June 27, 2006

Posted by Jason Theodor (jted) in Advertising, Bicks, TV.

Bicks - Offspring Player

Aliens. Pickles. A misunderstanding. This is the first of three brand new tv spots for Bicks.


1. Lex - June 30, 2006

Great, great, great spot!

In fact, so great that a number of us were out there looking for details on it and when we couldn’t find anything I started a blog discussion over at http://www.unsweetened.ca. In fact I even wrote Smuckers . See details here http://www.unsweetened.ca/unsweetened/2006/06/plight_of_the_p.html

Wonderful news that’s it the first of three… any chance you can spill more pickle juice and give us an inside scoop?

2. Sharon - August 20, 2006

The little guy who appears in the Bick’s Pickles advertisement is so adorable! I think he is supposed to be a pickle and would love to know what he is saying. If anyone knows if there are plans to make a doll in his image, please notify me.

3. ivanretry - October 11, 2006

Thanks for your interest. The alien is speaking a working language and who knows where the alien will turn up next. Watch this space for more information.

4. Eve - May 18, 2007

Adorable!! A small replica affordable for most parents to buy would be appreciated.- Eve

5. Kimber Lee Gregg - July 23, 2007

what language is he speaking? I noticed human is “titata” in 2 different commercials so I assume it is a real/working language.

6. ivan.retry - July 24, 2007

He’s speaking a language created by the team who conceptualised the ads. Apparently it is a working language. There was talk of a dictionary being published.

7. Kimber Lee Gregg - July 28, 2007

very cool! I’m sure is working. You can pick out patterns fairly easily. It sounds vaguely familiar, so maybe it based fairly heavily on another language.

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