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Dove – Evolution October 11, 2006

Posted by Ivan Pols in Advertising, Awards, Dove, Marketing, Model, Ogilvy Toronto Brands, Retouch, Self Esteem Fund, Viral.

Dove - Evolution Player

Who knew when we first posted this that it would become the hottest viral in the world within days. Evolution has redefined success, certainly for Unilever, topping their previously most successful spot, Little Girls (also done by Ogilvy Toronto) by miles. Ad Age just named Dove Global Campaign of the Year. The new Marketing magazine asks “Is this the most successful Canadian ad ever?” With over 150 million U.S. dollars worth of free media exposure through millions of hits on YouTube and every talk show in North America and Europe singing its praises, our Unilever clients say this piece has to have the highest ROI in the history of advertising.

See the high resolution movie and an interactive “before and after” at campaignforrealbeauty.ca

See the “making of” Evolution at ihaveanidea.org.


Cannes 54th Advertising Festival – Film Grand Prix
Cannes 54th Advertising Festival – Cyber Grand Prix

Marketing Awards 2007 Gold & Best of Show
Globe & Mail 2006 Best Ad of the Year
‘boards magazine #1 Most Watched Ad of the Year 2006
bestadsontv.com Global Silver Winner for October 2006
Bob Garfield’s #2 ad of the year 2006


Evolution Wins Two Grand Prix At Cannes

It doesn’t get any bigger than this: Evolution won an unprecedented two Grand Prix at Cannes last week, both Cyber and Film.

“We had 12 excellent candidates to choose from. The one that resonated the most, that we thought had the most power, was Dove ‘Evolution.’ So we decided to reward the biggest idea we saw,” said Cannes jury president Bob Scarpelli.Tim, Mike, Janet and Nancy were at Cannes with Unilever client Mark Wakefield. All report it was the experience of a lifetime. Check out some of the coverage of this history-making win.

Ad Age
Ad Critic
Ad Week
Advertolog (& Bob Garfield’s Prediction)
Creative Review
The Star
Globe Investor

Score two for the good guys.

Photograph by Stefani Kouverianos


1. luxgood - October 13, 2006

this is amazing – although you realise everyting is “adjusted2 i didnt think to this extent – bye the way top blog.

2. Fame is fleeting… *sigh* « Consistently Inconsistent - October 13, 2006

[…] Dove – Evolution […]

3. GraceD - October 18, 2006

Thanks for posting this video. It blows the lid off the beauty industry. And, because of that, I’ll be posting this to my blog.

Yours in reality…

4. B. Balbiani - October 23, 2006

I think anyone with any knowledge at all of the beauty industry knows that it takes a lot of time, and many people to “clean up” models and celebrities for photo shoots. This is not news.

Are you suggesting that women should not do what they can (within reason) to look their best? Is this supposed to give a pass to lazy, unattractive people to stay that way?

Models are an extreme example (as are the outfits they often wear in Vogue and W) of variations of “beauty,” and should be viewed as artistic images of what is possible, not copied.

5. Thomas Cobb - October 25, 2006

Wow, that is different…
I mean look at that, its like she to be perfect and “totally” beautiful, but what they did to her takes away the true beauty and true face being used to make the pictures. It just seems sad that people would actually do that…

6. jted - November 4, 2006

Here is an interesting post from Viral Video Chart, discussing the Ad Age article on the Evolution viral versus the SuperBowl commercial. Very eye opening. Check it out here.

7. =D its me. - November 7, 2006

This is amazing. I always thought that they used most of there regular apperance… but not change the whole face!
I thought this was like really cool

8. Jen - November 20, 2006

Awesome!! I think that video should become easier accessible to even more people. So many people get caught up in wanting to look like a model, if they only realized….

9. jia - February 9, 2007

that’s so cool. my business teacher just lent me the Marketing magazine today and this ad was on the cover of the newest issue.
i love the dove beauty campign, kudos to this!

10. The Viral Palette « retry - July 10, 2007

[…] It’s also the most viewed film of 2006/7 in the world. We all know the story, you can read the story here if you missed it. Why does it work? Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is all about debunking stereotypes. In […]

11. angelbutton11 - August 13, 2007

With such high value placed on appearance its no wonder there is such low self esteem. Media does a good job of making these acceptable standrsd in beauty seem ‘normal’

12. zack - December 2, 2007

What so women shouldn’t be allowed to put on make up and look there best.

13. zack - December 2, 2007

Jen, people know.

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