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Diamond Shreddies July 12, 2007

Posted by Ivan Pols in Advertising, Diamond Shreddies, Interactive, Kraft, Marketing, Newspaper, Ogilvy Toronto Brands, Post Cereals, Print, Shreddies, TV, Viral, Website.

The Brief: Make people think of Shreddies again.

Diamond Shreddies - Factory
Diamond Shreddies – Factory

See the rest of the campaign after the jump.

Diamond Shreddies - Fifteen
Diamond Shreddies – Even Better

Research Films

Diamond Shreddies - Ratings
The people in these films are real people, except for the moderator who is Toronto based improv comedian, Kerry Griffin.

Film 1 – Comparisons
Film 2 – Benjamin
Film 3 – Ratings


Diamond Shreddies Print 01

Diamond Shreddies Print 02 Diamond Shreddies Print 03 Diamond Shreddies Print 04

Diamond Shreddies Print 05 Diamond Shreddies Print 06


Diamond Shreddies - Outdoor Launch

Diamond Shreddies - Outdoor New/Old
Old vs New


Diamond Shreddies - Website
Diamond Shreddies – Website


Diamond Shreddies - Pack

Blogosphere Sample

Calgary Herald
Girls Crash Cars
Edmonton Journal
Zone 12
The Fryhole
Stepping in; Stepping out
The First YouTube response
(search Google for the rest)

Quick Links

Launch Website
Download the Box
Play the research films

Awards for Integrated Campaign

One Show Bronze Pencil
Gold Clio
Grand Clio


1. M - August 13, 2007

A kitchsy twist to an old favourite. Brilliantly branded and executed!Nicely done!

2. Jim - August 15, 2007

I love this ad! I laughed allll the way to the store to find a box.
Any plans to put real diamond shreddies boxes out, even for a short while?

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4. rotator man - February 21, 2008

you just know that there are people stupid enough to buy this….

5. k - March 2, 2008

This is one of the best marketing techniques that have seen, would really like to actually see the boxes hit the store shelf and see if there is an increase in sales for the company, nothing shy of brilliant

6. Unknown - March 8, 2008

This ad makes me sick! These people are not brilliant! they are just making people annoyed! i will never buy shreddies as long as i live, just because of this ad! Do you think people can’t see that if you simply flip the old shreddies, they won’t find you “new diamond shaped shreddies”? How many kids do you think will tell their parents to buy them this new cereal, open the box, and be dissapointed because half of the cereal ARE the new diamond shape, and half ARN’T diamonds!

7. Anon - March 15, 2008

does anyone know where I can find high-res versions of these images?

can’t find any on the shreddies website 😦

8. Lisa - March 19, 2008


9. T.S.Sveinson - March 24, 2008

To whom it may concern
My last email didn’t go through and I have to resend it.But I’ll
say it in another way since when is a diamond not a square
what weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of diamonds
I’d like to think there is one but their isn’t.
P/S my new email is tmbsvein@telus.net

10. Jhon - March 25, 2008

these diamond shreddies are sooooo stupid!
Do you think people can’t see that if you simply flip the old shreddies, they won’t find you “new diamond shaped shreddies”?
that is stupid and so are your brains!!

11. Mary Watson - March 28, 2008

Who are these people who think that the diamond shreddies commercials are clever? These commercials tell me that the people running the lines in the factories are retarded at best (and we know they are not), that the managers called to check the cereal belts, when the twisted shreddies are spotted, are equally incompetent, and that the new boxes are a waste of space and trees. I had company last night, and we were discussing these new commercials, and all agreed that you need new advertizing executives. Or is it that you think the people watching them are idiotic enough to believe them? Whichever it is, the Canadian public can’t be deemed this stupid, by your company, and get away with it. Or are your managers really this thick?

12. Lynda M. - March 31, 2008

A great and innovative campaign. I think you can safely assume that those who don’t get it aren’t your target market. I enjoy every execution of this campaign and, yes, I eat Shreddies and went right out an bought a box after seeing the first billboard.

13. Robin - April 1, 2008

Its a joke people. sheesh. Obviously it is too sophisticated for you.

14. Chris O'Shanohan - April 11, 2008

I know. Its just a joke, and if you take it like as the joke it was meant to be, you will understand how brilliant it is as a marketing strategy (and how funny it is). Of course the company knows and is not trying to fool anyone, its just a new way to get consumers thinking about shreddies. I’m pretty sure all people and children should get the joke, and if children’s spirits are crushed by the position of a cereal, then, well, that sucks to be them

15. I. M. Feeble - May 10, 2008

I don’t get it. Old shreddies was great. A safe cereal. Diamond shreddies are sharp, and everyone knows diamonds can cut anything. I’m keeping my kids away from the cereal aisle to avoid the deadly sharp diamond cut.

16. never know. - May 16, 2008

does it even matter, their all the same, like come on… honestly.. its the same thing turned sideways.. what the ****…

17. R. U. Feeble - September 9, 2008

Having eaten both the square and diamond, I find that the diamonds get stuck in your teeth more easily until they get soggy. I like both kinds though, and now they have a combo-pack! I bought one, and when I want just squares for breakfast, I just pick out the diamond ones and put them back in the box for next time!

18. Fred the Bed - October 27, 2008

A diamond shreddie cut a gash in the roof of my mout today.

I’m suing.

19. Vanny Lawrence - May 25, 2009

Wow! What a brilliant campaign! I don’t know how some people can do it. Picture yourself going to the head honchos at Post, and saying, I’ve got a great idea. How about diamond shreddies? And you show them a picture of a diamond shreddie. Can you imagine the laughter that follows you as you slink out the door with your tail between your legs?

Just goes to show you that there are people who can do anything, and there are suckers born every minute… or is it a second?

Now if they had made oval shreddies… or rectangular shreddies… or round shreddies…

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