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The World of Comedy Film Festival March 12, 2007

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The World of Comedy Film Festival is a showcase of comedy films from Canadian and International filmmakers. Shorts, features, animation and documentaries are all screened – as long as their goal is to make us laugh. The Festival also provides a forum for comedy filmmaking including seminars, professional development, and an industry marketplace. These posters promoted the Festival through classic knee-slappers that virtually everyone on the planet knows – Why did the chicken cross the road, and the old ‘three religiously and ethnically diverse gentlemen enter a drinking establishment…’

Why Did The Chicken
o a Priest, a Rabbi and A Scotsman

World of Comedy - Blondes

World of Comedy May 16, 2006

Posted by Jason Theodor (jted) in Advertising, Awards, Postcards, Posters, World of Comedy.
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If you can’t do funny for the World of Comedy Film Festival, you should find another job.

WOC - Jumper

WOC - Electric Chair

WOC - Pies

Volunteers ran all over Toronto to put these decals on revolving doors. That’s our CEO behind the pie. If there was audio you’d hear security yelling at us to get the hell out of the building.

Advertising and Design Club of Canada
London International Awards